Keeping Kids Busy This Summer With Energy-Free Entertainment

Many parents face the same exact problem during the summer – keeping their kids entertained while they aren’t in school. Sure, they could plunk down in front of the TV for hours on end, but that isn’t recommended by pediatricians. It’s also not good for your energy bill.

If you’re looking for energy-free summer entertainment for kids we’ve got you covered! Below are seven ideas that are sure to get kids off of electronics and having fun without electricity. You may even lower energy bills while the kids are at home.

Outdoor Water Fun

If your kids are bored during the summer, just add a little water and watch the fun begin! Slip-n-slides, kiddie pools, water guns and water balloons require no electricity to provide endless entertainment. Even older kids get into the fun with outdoor water activities. Another bonus is cleaning up is easy after the kids have had their fun.

If you have small kids you can bring the aquatic entertainment indoors with a bath. As long as kids have a good selection of toys, they can play in the tub for hours on end.

Visit the Local Watering Hole

Whether it’s a city pool or a natural creek, visiting a local watering hole is another great way to get kids active and save energy in the summer. In addition to cooling off and having fun, it gives you an opportunity to explore nature if you go to a park with a lake or river.

Teach Your Kids How to Swim 

Do your kids know how to swim? If not, summer is the perfect time to teach them. This popular summertime activity isn’t just fun. Learning to swim can be life-saving. There are affordable group swim classes provided by the YMCA, but if you don’t have the funds for swim class there is a lot you can teach your kids on your own. Start by using YouTube videos from experts and/or learning-to-swim resources from organizations like World Wide Swim School to show your kids the swimming basics.

Sign the Kids Up for Summer Camp

Summer camps have been a seasonal staple across the country for decades, especially in the northeast. It’s an opportunity for kids to disconnect, get outdoors in nature and have new experiences they wouldn’t have in school. Many camps are device-free zones where kids aren’t allowed to have phones, tablets or other forms of screentime. If your kid is having difficulty pulling their eyes away from screens, signing up for summer camp can prove to be a gamechanger year round.

The great thing about summer camps today is the variety. In major metros you can find summer camps for virtually every interest including science, animals, art and space. The one downside is some summer camp programs are expensive. But you can look for low to no cost daytime summer camps that are provided by the local school system, museums, churches and charity organizations.

Get Your Kids to Join a Recreational Sports League

Participating in sports is highly beneficial for kids of all ages. Children learn the importance of teamwork, accountability and working towards a goal while making friendships and improving social skills. Almost every sport has summer leagues that kids can join, and there are also non-competitive recreational sports leagues for kids.

On top of being energy-free entertainment, your kid may discover they have a natural talent or interest in a sport that they want to continue into the school year.

Create an Arts and Crafts Corner at Home

Spark your kids imagination without a TV or tablet by setting up an arts and crafts corner in your home. When supplies are well stocked it isn’t hard to get young kids to start crafting. Go the extra mile by giving them a space to display their artwork, like a wall in the living room.

Bonus: A crafting corner can also encourage your kids to upcycle instead of throwing things in the trash. You’d be surprised how many items that are thrown in the trash can be repurposed for kids craft projects. Toilet paper rolls, cereal boxes, take out containers and more can be used for crafting instead of going to a landfill.

Encourage Your Kids to Volunteer

You’re never too young to start volunteering and reaping the rewards of philanthropic activities. There are so many personal upsides to volunteer work, this is an idea worth trying. Kids will get social interaction, learn new skills and feel good about themselves knowing that they are giving back to others. Below are a few ideas of ways to get your kids involved with volunteer work:

  • Check with the local humane society to see if they need help caring for animals.
  • Kids can get hands on and learn building best practices by helping Habitat for Humanity.
  • Get involved with a great cause by helping the Ronald McDonald House with baking, crafting and special events for the families they assist.
  • Everyone in your family can help an area food bank take in and organize donations.
  • Gather donations to create activity boxes for the Boys and Girls Club.

Here again, your kids may discover new interests through volunteering in the summer. They may even enjoy it so much they want to volunteer throughout the year.

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