How to Compare, Choose, and Switch Energy Providers

How to Compare, Choose and Switch Energy Providers


People living in a deregulated energy area have one luxury others do not – choice in who supplies their electricity and natural gas. It’s a really important consumer power that people don’t use often enough. 


Back in 2015, the Texas Tribune pointed out an issue with deregulation 10 years after it went into effect across most of the state. Some people weren’t paying less with deregulation largely because they weren’t looking for the best deals. A silver lining was that the experts noted more deals were being introduced in deregulated markets for consumers to take advantage of if they look for them. 


The moral of the story: purchasing energy is like any other consumer good – it pays to comparison shop. Here’s how you can compare, choose and switch energy providers so you get the best plan for your home. 

How to Compare Energy Providers

Savvy energy consumers understand the importance of comparison shopping for electric and gas plans. Maybe you’re looking for a lower rate or the customer service has started to slip with your current supplier. Or maybe you’re looking for a plan that fits your lifestyle better. No matter what the motivation is, comparing energy providers is the best way to meet your goals. 


There are a few steps to comparing energy providers: 


Step 1. Go Over Your Current Plan

There’s no way of knowing if you can get a better plan by switching unless you compare the options against what you currently have. 


Step 2. Use a Public Database 

Some states and local markets have created online search tools to help consumers compare energy plans from multiple providers in one place. But there are three things to watch out when using these databases to compare energy suppliers: 


  • Make sure the website is run by an official government organization.
  • Be mindful of how often the information is updated since offers can change at any time.
  • Understand that there may still be energy plans on the market that aren’t included. 


Think of these public databases as a starting point before moving on to the next comparison step.


Step 3. Search the Plans of Your Top Energy Suppliers

The public databases will give you a good idea of what’s out there and the range of rates for electricity and gas. You’ll also have a better idea of which retail energy providers are in your area. 


To really compare the options you’ll need to visit the website of each energy provider you like. That’s the best way to find the most current plans and offers. You can also get a better feel for the provider’s values and specialties. If you have any questions go ahead and contact the provider. In addition to getting the information you need it will also give you insight into the level of service you can expect as a customer.


Step 4. Read Customer Reviews

It’s important to compare rates and plan details, but customer satisfaction is a huge indicator of the quality you can expect from a business. You might get a slightly lower rate, but is it worth it if you have to sacrifice customer service? Past and current customers can give you a better idea. Their reviews will reveal what the provider is like after you’ve signed up for a plan.  

How to Choose an Energy Provider

Once you’ve compared your options is time to choose an energy plan. Here are the top things we recommend that customers consider before choosing an energy provider:


Rate Price – Affordability is a big factor, so the rate is always going to be a top consideration. However, it should only be part of the decision making. 


Price Structure – There are two main types of energy plans: fixed rate and variable rate. A variable rate may offer a better price up front, but that price isn’t locked in like it would be with a fixed rate plan. That means the rate could go up significantly. A fixed rate plan provides more security because you know what the price will be at any given time. And if the price per kilowatt goes up you won’t have to pay more since you have a fixed rate for the duration of the plan. 


Provider Reputation – No matter how good the rates are you can’t ignore negative customer reviews. If a provider has a lot of negative reviews, complaints filed against them or a bad BBB rating you may need to stick with another energy supplier. 


Energy Sources – Today some consumers are focused not on finding the cheapest energy plan but on finding the greenest plan. That comes down to the energy sources that are used to generate electricity. 


Here are a few additional tips to keep in mind when selecting an Energy provider:


  • Utilize the huge discounts and offers energy suppliers offer to consumers. 
  • Identify the top energy provider services, using the search engines by actively searching and posting your inquiries online. 
  • Before choosing a provider carefully consider its advantages and disadvantages. 
  • To prevent future disputes, carefully read and comprehend the agreement in place in your contract. By taking the time to properly evaluate your options you can avoid future headaches.


How to Switch Energy Providers

Why Should I Change Energy Providers?

If you’re seeking a fixed-rate energy plan and you’re looking for fairly priced solutions, it might be time to move on. Especially, if your bill fluctuates erratically from month to month. By choosing a fixed-rate plan when you switch energy providers, you can lock the current energy supply rate and ensure that it will be constant for the duration of your commitment. If you’re also wanting to lessen your carbon footprint and want to do your part for the environment, think about selecting a cost-effective renewable energy program, which many suppliers now provide.


You’ve compared the energy providers in your market, found the one with the plan that suits your needs best and it’s time to make the switch. This is the part you may not be looking forward to – ending things with your current energy supplier. You just know that as soon as you make that phone call (because cancellations require calls) they’re going to try to talk you into staying.


Switching to an energy supplier like Major Energy is actually the easiest step because you don’t have to handle it. We as the new energy supplier will make the contact for you and provide the necessary information to make the switch.

Switching energy providers really can be a seamless process that you don’t have to worry about with the right supplier. 


Switching is an easy decision when you choose a plan from Major Energy. When you compare our competitive energy plans you’ll quickly find our fixed rates and customer service is hard to beat. Check to see if a Major Energy plan is available in your area.

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