The Value of Customer Care and Advanced Account Features

Today, the last thing many people want to have to do is reach out to customer support. We get it. These days a lot of businesses don’t prioritize customer care like they should, even outsourcing the department to staff with little training and oversight.

When customer care is done right it’s a huge benefit to clients. It can save them time, stress and money. It’s the kind of support you can expect as a Major Energy customer. When you work with us you get to experience the true value of customer care and advanced account features that help you get more done. 

Direct Questions With Clear Answers From Caring Professionals

By far, the biggest value that a customer care team provides is directly answering questions. We’ve put a lot of information online where it’s easy to find so that you can get answers quickly. But there’s no need to go on an endless search if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm our customer support team is standing by to answer your questions. It’s the quickest way to get the answers you need.

We can do a lot online, but there’s still no substitute for being about to talk with someone directly. And not just anyone. Our team is comprised of locally-based, highly trained customer representatives that are skilled problem-solvers. They are just as efficient as they are helpful and considerate. 

More Ways to Communicate for Enhanced Customer Support

Communication is key in any relationship, including the customer/service provider relationship. With Major Energy you can communicate however you are most comfortable. Give us a call, send an email, message us through your account or leave a comment on a social media post. 

Got a tip we haven’t covered on the Major Energy blog? Let us know on Facebook. Did you run into an issue with your online account? Shoot customer support a quick email, and they’ll get on top of it. We love to hear from our customers about everything energy related, so don’t be shy about reaching out.

Why Your Feedback Matters

Communication with customer support doesn’t have to be limited to solving issues if they arise. We welcome feedback from customers about anything connected to your service. Got a suggestion on how we can do something better? Great! We’d love to hear your idea. Think we got something exactly right? Also great! We appreciate knowing that we’re providing value so we can keep giving you more. 

Help is a Few Clicks Away Online

If you give customers the right tools that are easy to use, they can get a lot accomplished on their own, which is what a lot of people prefer. We’ve invested in creating an online portal that makes managing energy use much easier. With MyAccount you can:

Monitor Energy Use

The first step in optimizing and reducing energy use is understanding your current energy usage. You can keep track of how much energy you use month-to-month within MyAccount to figure out if your energy saving efforts are paying off. 

See If You’re Eligible for Renewal

Within your account you’ll be able to see when you are eligible for renewal with Major Energy. You’ll also find out what steps to take to renew your plan. 

Manage Digital Documents

You’ll find all the documents related to your energy plan in MyAccounts. Having a place where everything is stored and easily accessible makes managing your monthly bills that much easier. 

If you want reliable energy rates with exceptional customer care Major Energy is the retail energy provider for you! Search for plans in your area using a zip code, explore the blog for energy saving tips or connect with the customer service department for personal assistance. 

Get in Touch

Need to get in touch with the customer care team? Here’s how to reach us:


Phone: 1-888-625-6760

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