Figuring Out a New Energy Plan for the New Year

Did you set energy goals for the coming year? Great! If one of those goals was to find the perfect energy plan, this article will prove to be very valuable.

When you’re deciding what type of energy plan will be best for your household you can’t go off the rates alone. Our needs are changing all the time along with our budgets and the cost of energy. What’s most important is that the plan fits your energy needs and how you use energy, which has a big impact on the cost. 

A lot of it comes down to knowing what kind of energy user you are. There are a few other factors that can also heavily influence what kind of energy plan will work best. Take a look at the points below when it’s time to shop for a new energy plan to make sure you get one that will truly work for you in the coming year. 

Consider What the Weather is Doing

We can’t control the weather, but meteorologists have gotten very good at making predictions that help us prepare for the season ahead. Beyond getting your home ready to handle the weather, weather projections can help you figure out what energy plan will be the best in the months ahead. The weather affects energy use in a direct way. The season can be the deciding factor in whether you opt for a short-term plan, month-to-month plan. variable rate plan or a long-term fixed rate plan. 

In the northeast, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts that much of the remaining winter season will be fairly mild with temperatures that are warmer than normal. That’s great news for energy consumers, because a mild winter typically means less energy use is needed to heat homes. The lower demand can lead to lower rates or at least keep them stable. The middle of a mild winter is typically considered a good time to choose a fixed rate energy plan and lock the rate in for the next 12+ months. 

But something else to look into is where extreme weather events are more likely to happen. FEMA has used years of data to determine which areas are most at risk for climate hazards. In addition to potentially knocking out power, climate hazards can make the delivery of energy more complex, which has the potential to affect rates.

When Are You At Home Using Energy

Another consideration that’s come about in recent years is when energy is used. Many electric providers now have plans where the rates aren’t fixed throughout the day. This is because electricity use fluctuates based on the time of day and the season. The rate goes up when demand is high and down when there’s less electric use. These are often referred to as time-of-use plans because what you ultimately pay depends on when you use electricity. 

Peak demand hours vary by location and time of year, but generally peak demand hours are between 11am and 8pm. However, the tiers are set by the provider.

If you’re interested in a time-of-use plan or a plan with a rate that is based on peak demand hours or the season, you’ll want verification on what the provider considers peak demand hours. Get specific details on what the rate will be at each hour of the day. 

High-Quality Customer Care

Your retail energy provider should supply more than just electricity and gas. Part of what you’re paying for when you sign up for an energy plan is customer support. A solid customer support team does more than provide assistance when you have an account issue. They can:

  • Save you time by providing direct answers.
  • Provide information on new plans and options.
  • Help you figure out a billing problem.
  • Answer questions about renewing plans.
  • Discuss eligibility for energy discounts.

If all things are equal but you get a sense one provider has a better customer care team, it can be a deciding factor. 

Account Management Capabilities

Another important factor that many people overlook is how easy it is to manage your account.  Retail energy providers that offer advanced account features give you the ability to manage your energy plan more effectively and optimize energy use. 

For example, how easy is it to access account information? And what kind of information will you find? Can you update your information and select a new plan on your own, or does a customer service rep have to do that? 

The more control you have the better you can manage your plan and make it work for you. 

How Important is the Use of Renewable Energy 

Today, electricity is supplied in a lot of different ways. For some consumers, using renewable resources is extremely important whereas others don’t really consider it at all. 

If you are looking for an energy plan that makes use of green energy you should check a customer service rep to verify if renewable resources are utilized at all, and if so, what portion of the electricity provided comes from those resources. 

At Major Energy we’re committed to helping every consumer find the best energy plan possible. You’ll find a variety of options that are competitive paired with customer service that’s unmatched in the industry. Give us a call or check online to see which Major Energy plans are available in your area!

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