How Major Energy is Helping With a Fixed-Rate During This New Normal

During the current pandemic, the last thing you need is more uncertainty. The situation has highlighted fractures in many systems, but it has also revealed opportunities. 

Countless businesses have found creative ways to continue serving their customers while practicing social distancing. Ironically, being forced apart has made us more aware of customer needs and how to meet them. 

As a retail energy supplier we understand people’s concern over keeping the lights on during this pandemic. While we’re under quarantine sheltering in place at home the kilowatt-hours add up. One thing we suppliers have to offer is fixed rate energy plans.

Why Fixed Rates Are Ideal During Quarantine (and After)

One of the positive changes that has come from energy deregulation is variety. Consumers used to be forced to choose between a couple of options or had no options at all when there was a sole electric and gas provider. 

Now you can find a huge selection of energy plans with features for every lifestyle. One of the most important options is whether or not the rate is fixed. A fixed rate is set and doesn’t change. Every kilowatt-hour costs the same no matter what. On the other hand, a variable rate fluctuates based on a number of factors.

During a time when there are a lot of unknowns, your energy costs shouldn’t be one of them. Here are just a few reasons why you may want to consider switching to a fixed-rate plan if you don’t have one already. 

More Predictable Monthly Expenses

No two energy bills are exactly the same, but with fixed-rate monthly expenses are much more predictable. A fairly consistent monthly cost is usually the biggest advantage of choosing a fixed-rate plan. 

No Need to Adjust Energy Use

You may not have to adjust energy use to get lower energy costs when you have a fixed rate plan. Conversely, people who are on a time-of-use plan with variable rates throughout the day have to be more conscious about when they are using energy to avoid high rates during peak hours. 

It Can Be Less Volatile

There are some advantages to a fixed-rate energy plan. For example, if the cost of gas or electricity goes up you won’t be affected because your rate is locked in for the term of your agreement. 

Making the Switch to Major Energy With No Contact Service

Online shopping for electricity is a possibility for anyone living in a deregulated energy market. Comparing the latest rates and plans puts power back in the hands of consumers who understand that shopping around can help save money. 

See how easy it is to switch to Major Energy! With no contact service from Major Energy all it takes is a few minutes at home to enjoy a reliable, fixed-rate energy plan. And you’ll still be working with the same utility so there’s no need to worry about service interruptions.  

Major Energy is a leading electric company across the northeast. We offer fixed-rate electricity and natural gas service in New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, and Illinois.  
Have questions about our energy plans? Our customer service team is available to take your call during normal business hours, and information can be found online anytime. Even in the middle of a pandemic Major Energy is dedicated to providing the exemplary service that our customers have come to expect.

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