Preparing for a Cold Season as Natural Gas Prices Rise

Meteorologists are warning that residents across the northeast and midwest shouldn’t let the warmer than average fall fool them. Forecasts are still predicting that temperatures are going to drop significantly across the region in December and January. With the lower temps could come storms driven by La Nina conditions and arctic blasts of air from the polar vortex that is weaker this year. 

Fortunately, the forecasts don’t predict storms as strong as last year, but regions like the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley are expected to be even colder during the 2021-2022 winter season. The better than expected weather in November has helped keep natural gas prices in check, but that could change as demand increases in the coming weeks.

You may not be able to control the temperature or rising natural gas prices, but there are ways to keep your home comfortable without increasing your utility bill. We’re here to help customers lower their energy use no matter what natural gas rates or the weather does this winter. We’ve gathered together some of the best energy saving tips from the Major Energy blog. You can use this curated list as a go-to energy saving resource all winter long!

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Want another way to keep natural gas costs from going up on your utility bill? Make the switch to a fixed rate energy plan from Major Energy. If you’re already an existing customer and have questions or would like to renew your plan to lock in your current fixed rate our team is here to help. Assistance is just a call or email away! 

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