How do we offer Price Protection

Joining with Major Energy does NOT mean you are leaving the safety and security of your utility. Rather, Major Energy and your utility work hand-in-hand, allowing you to get the best of both worlds.

Your utility will still deliver your gas and electricity, they will still maintain their equipment, still be the one who responds to emergencies and you will still only get one bill.

Major Energy, though, is able to offer products and services that many utilities cannot

We offer Price Protection Plans. These plans lock in the rate you’ll pay for gas and electricity for a set period of time, such as six months, a year or more. Imagine not having to cringe when you get your next energy bill wondering how much your rate went up from last month. No matter how hot or cold it gets, no matter what’s happening in the “real world,” this rate is protected and WILL NOT CHANGE for the term of our agreement. That’s a GUARANTEE! Want Price Protection? Sign up here!

As the Exclusive Energy Partner of the Knicks and Madison Square Garden, we offer customers VIP experiences at the World’s Most Famous Arena through sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways. We also give away a $100 Gift Card every month through our newsletter (sign up here) and offer referral bonuses to our customers when they send friends and family our way.

We pride ourselves on having the best Customer Service Specialists in the business. When you speak with us, you’ll always get a friendly voice on the other end. Also, every customer who enrolls helps with our support of Solving Kids’ Cancer and other charitable organizations.

We’re also leaders in green energy, offering environmentally-friendly (“Green”) products in many areas we serve, and by supplying the University of Massachusetts Medical School with solar power.

There it is – Major Energy and your Utility. Offering you the best of both worlds.

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