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2010 could go down as one of the warmest summers on record. We are all doing what we can to keep cool, but the hot weather has air conditioners working overtime.  

There are things you can do to help keep you're A.C. working properly and save you money on your electricity bill.

For John Pearl and his wife who have respiratory problems, air conditioning isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. Like many others recently, he found his cooling system taxed during this hot summer. 

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The Pearls were experiencing a problem with their air conditioner, which turned out to be a clogged filter in the attic which was limiting air flow, a simple, but crucial component in a central air system. Filters should be replaced once a month during the summer.  

The outside compressor should be kept clean too. The metal fins that help disperse heat can become blocked by dirt and grass clippings.

Experts stress having your system checked out before the dog days of summer is ideal, but now that we're well into 90 degree days, there are some simple steps to get the most from your air conditioner.

- Close blinds or drapes to block sunlight from overheating the house

- With window units, don't cool unused rooms.

- For central air, use a programmable thermostat to limit use when you're not home.

When it comes to replacing equipment, look for energy star rated systems. The most efficient models use two stage variable speed motors. Regardless of the unit, proper maintenance could be the key to keeping cool.


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