Major Energy Expands Its Electrical Services for the First Time Into Illinois

Commencing December 11, 2012 Illinois Residential and Commercial Customers Will have Access To Major Energy Electric Services

(12/11/2012) (Orangeburg, NY) - Major Energy, (www.MajorEnergy.com), an A+ BBB rated ESCO (Energy Service Company), was approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission to launch their electric service for the first time into Illinois within the Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) service area.

Major Energy currently serves the residential and commercial customers in the deregulated natural gas and electric markets of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. Beginning December 11, 2012, they will be available to customers throughout the ComEd territory which includes Chicago and borders Iroquois County to the south (roughly Interstate 80), the Wisconsin border to the north, the Iowa border to the west and the Indiana border to the east.

"Illinois - and its great city of Chicago - is the quintessential spot for our first real foray into the mid-west," explains Eliott Wolbrom, Director of Marketing of Major Energy. "With the tremendous success and growth Major Energy has seen in the big cities of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland, venturing into the ComEd area of Illinois is an ideal strategic move for our company and our customers. We are very excited to offer the customers of Illinois a "white-glove" level of customer service, aggressive pricing and new and innovative ideas in energy supply. In order to introduce our services to this area and to create a lasting rapport with the residents of Illinois, we felt that it was essential to come out of the gate with a really strong value for them, both in pricing and in service. I'm confident we have done both. "

Current household electricity rates in ComEd are estimated to be about $.0831/kWh and they are expected to stay there through the end of May 2013. Major Energy's electric service offers a rate of $.0699/kWh. Based on homes using an average of 10,000/kWh per year, that's a potential savings of 16%. The company will be offering fixed rate options in early 2013. Fixed rates offer customers the freedom of stability paying the preset rate over the course of the year, protecting consumers from unexpected price swings.

About Major Energy Services

Founded in 2005, Major Energy Services is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) serving residential and commercial customers in the deregulated natural gas and electric markets of New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Illinois, and will soon be offering service in many other deregulated gas and electric markets. We are approved by the respective State Public Service or Public Utility Commissions and by your local utility to supply natural gas and electricity to commercial & residential customers.

A New York based company who is familiar with the energy needs of our customers, Major Energy's management has combined decades of experience in the energy retail marketplace and the dedication and passion to help residential and business customers reduce their energy costs. Unlike any other ESCO, Major Energy will not only supply your gas and electricity at the best available rates, but will also give you tools to manage and monitor your energy consumption and control your costs.

We understand that energy should revolve around your lifestyle and not the other way around, so we are proud of the record we've built and the rate at which we have grown. As we continue to add more and more customers, we remain committed to the core principles on which we were founded: lowering our customers' energy bills safely and reliably.


Mark Berger, Senior Marketing Analyst - Special Projects, Major Energy
845-480-7423 or mberger@majorenergy.com

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