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Major Energy is more ambitious than a typical new alternate energy supplier as they opened up in 2005 in the newly deregulated markets of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York. Most electricity companies just offer electric service but Major Energy got into electricity and natural gas markets as both markets are deregulated in these states. By being in both markets there is a natural overlap that gives an opportunity to get two customers from what may have begun as just one. Major Energy Services also has an affiliate electric company by the name of Respond Power which allows them to brand themselves different and target their customers in unique and different ways based on each brand name.

The risks involved in moving into a deregulated energy market are the inability financially to have a natural hedge against price fluctuations in the commodities market. A niche business like retail electricity and natural gas suppliers requires a laser like focus on properly executing and hedging natural gas futures and energy purchases. Enough capital must be on hand to cover the very large investments involved in the purchase of large blocks of energy.

Major Energy has been able to get into both natural gas and electricity markets by working out sleeving agreements with Pacific Summit Energy, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation to sell gas in Pennsylvania. A credit sleeve simply allows for there to be enough leverage to be able to buy and hedge gas in order to sell it retail. Being able to have good enough credit to enter into a sleeving agreement is what allows a company like Major Energy to quickly enter new markets and compete against larger companies.

Some energy companies have entered markets like New York and Pennsylvania and have dishonestly represented themselves as being affiliated with a larger monopoly gas company. Major Energy has not participated in this bad business practice and compared to their competition have operated above the board and according to the proper rules and regulations of the public utility commissions in the states they do business in.

In 2010 Major Energy Services had only 1 escalated complaint that required additional research because of not being able to be resolved directly with the customer. Their complaint record is among the lowest in the industry and gives additional reason as to why their company may be worth doing business with. As with any electricity or natural gas supplier it is recommended to check with the New York State Public Utility Commission to see where that company stands in regards to complaints.

You can learn more about electric and natural gas suppliers in deregulated utility markets such as New York by visiting the state PUC website.

You may also learn more about their affiliate electricity company Respond Power by visiting this page:
Respond Power Electricity Company.

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