Consumers Across Pennsylvania Can Now Save on Their Energy Bills

Orangeburg, NY, May 12, 2011 - Respond Power (www.RespondPower.com), an affiliate company of Major Energy Services, an ESCO (Energy Service Company) approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, has officially launched their groundbreaking Respond Power Rewards program across much of Central and Eastern Pennsylvania beginning May 11. The energy rebate program uses Smart Meter and Smart Grid technology to alert customers about peaking electric prices, giving them the opportunity to reduce consumption during those periods and earn cash rebates.

Respond Power Rewards is now available to customers who receive their power from Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPL) and have Smart Meters attached to their homes and buildings.  Larger cities integrated in the launch include Harrisburg, Allentown, Lancaster, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Williamsport and more.  Residents can enter their ZIP code online at RespondPowerRewards.com and find out if they qualify for the program.  Existing Respond Power customers who enroll may have already earned rebates without even knowing it.

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Once enrolled, customers can sign up for price alerts to be sent via text and/or email.  These alerts let users know what the high-priced periods will be the following day.  With this advance notice, they can create a plan to take advantage of the Respond Power Rewards Program by reducing consumption and earning cash rebates.

"We anticipate the average customer will save over 10% a year without any change in how they receive their energy," explains Saul Horowitz, CEO of Respond Power.  "Those who pay attention to their consumption during high priced hours and make concerted efforts to conserve can see savings up to 25%.  The local utility company will still deliver your energy, read your meters, respond to outages and emergencies, and send you your monthly bill.  Our program simply enables consumers to take advantage of their Smart Meter, resulting in rebates back to them.  We hope this pioneering program, the first of its kind, will encourage other utilities to equip their customers with Smart Meters."

Consumers are encouraged to take advantage of this program before the rise in electricity prices that typically comes in the summer months.  
Those wishing to participate in Respond Power Rewards can get more information and sign up at
www.RespondPowerRewards.com or 855-RPR-NOW-1.  Once approved, participation in the program will begin within 2-6 weeks, depending on their individual billing cycle.


About Respond Power
Respond Power is an affiliate of Major Energy Services - an Energy Service Company (ESCO) founded in 2005 serving residential and commercial customers in the deregulated natural gas and electric markets of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland. Respond Power is approved by the respective State Public Service or Public Utility Commissions and by local utilities to supply electricity to commercial & residential customers. 

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