Utility Commodity Feb Mar
Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Gas 1.1999¢/Therm 1.1999¢/Therm
Duquesne Light Electric 0.13¢/kWh 0.13¢/kWh
Met-Ed Electric 0.1799¢/kWh 0.1799¢/kWh
PECO Electric 0.1999¢/kWh 0.1999¢/kWh
PECO Gas 0.7999¢/Therm 0.7999¢/Therm
Penelec Electric 0.1799¢/kWh 0.1799¢/kWh
Penn Power Electric 0.1699¢/kWh 0.1699¢/kWh
PPL Electric 0.1999¢/kWh 0.1999¢/kWh
UGI Utilities Gas 0.79¢/Therm 0.79¢/Therm
West Penn Power Electric 0.1699¢/kWh 0.1699¢/kWh
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